Skylight Installation

At Strictly Skylights Inc, skylights are our specialty and our passion. We take pride in installing the highest quality of beautiful, durable skylights perfectly suited to each residential or commercial property.

We are the GTA’s leading authorized dealer and installer of VELUX skylights––the industry standard among skylight manufacturers for decades. We have installed a wide variety of both fixed and venting skylights and can expertly recommend the best skylight for your space.

Our skylight installation services will flood your interior with spectacular natural light.

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Stunning, Functional Commercial and Residential Skylights

Few architectural elements are as impressive or as dramatic as a skylight. Skylights allow you to fill your home or business space with natural daylight. Even internal rooms, far from walls and windows, can be illuminated with natural light. This increase in natural light allows you to reduce your need for electricity and natural light, shrinking both your energy bills and environmental footprint.

Skylights also contribute to reducing your heating needs. Modern skylights are designed and built for superior energy efficiency, offering incredible protection and durability as well as adequate insulation and, if desired, ventilation.

With countless types, designs, and sizes of skylights to choose from, your options are limited only by your imagination. Skylights require little maintenance once installed and are an excellent resale investment.

Our professionals will recommend and install the perfect skylight to complement your interior.

Choose from an Unmatched Selection of Skylights and Roof Windows

Strictly Skylights Inc is proud to be an exclusive distributor and installer of VELUX commercial and industrial skylights. For 25 years, we have designed and manufactured innovative roof windows and skylight solutions suited to every commercial or residential location.

  • - VELUX skylights combine proven traditional methods with innovative features and design elements.
  • - Venting opening skylights may be powered electrically, by means of solar power, or manually.
  • - Fixed, non-operational units are also available.

Additional options include roof windows, sun tunnels, and all necessary accessories, such as flashings and blinds. They are suited to all roof pitches, including flat roofs.

VELUX roof windows and skylights are designed to be incorporated seamlessly into both new constructions and existing structures.

Dependable Skylight Installers with Decades of Experience

Our knowledge and expertise of skylights is unparalleled, and we have served both homeowners and businesses in a variety of industries.

At the initial consultation, we will guide you through an extensive inventory, presenting each product and its energy-saving features, such as glazing levels and specifications.

Our installation process is efficient and diligent, and we are committed to working neatly on each property. In no time, your beautiful new skylight will be ready for years of dependable use.

Transform Your Interior with Skylight Installation

To add beauty, light, and value to your home or business location, consider adding a breathtaking skylight professionally installed by Strictly Skylights Inc.

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