Skylight Repair

For over 25 years, Strictly Skylights Inc has offered installation, repair, and general maintenance to commercial and residential skylight owners. Beginning with a comprehensive inspection, we proceed with the necessary services to keep your skylight functioning properly.

We will ensure that your skylight offers not only bountiful supplies of natural light, but dependable protection and insulation for years to come!

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Dependable Skylight Maintenance and General Repairs

Skylights have the ability to open up spaces like no other architectural feature. Offering natural light, heat, and even ventilation, there are many advantages to beautifying your space with a skylight. While modern skylights have successfully overcome the former drawbacks of skylight designs, dated skylights often require repairs. Even the most diligently-installed skylights will eventually require some degree of maintenance to continue functioning at its best.

Skylights, and their various components, such as flashing, can result in problems including:

  • • Roof Leaks
  • • Ice Dams
  • • Overheating
  • • Energy Loss
  • • Roof Ventilation Problems

The effects can range from minor inconveniences to significant structural and interior damages.

Our team has the knowledge and resources to keep your skylight in excellent working order. We have a complete inventory of skylight replacement components and parts. From simple repairs to complete skylight replacements, we are the professionals you have been searching for!

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Diligent Skylight Repair Inspections and Assessments

When we arrive at your GTA home or business, we begin with a comprehensive skylight assessment. We inspect both the exterior and interior structure of your roof and ensure that it is properly insulated. We also determine that drainage, condensation, and sealing is functioning effectively.

Our team can provide expert recommendations and advise on how best to care for your residential or commercial skylight.

Complete Skylight Replacements

We can replace or upgrade your skylight materials as needed, installing new skylight flashing or cladding. We also assess the condition of the glass and glazing.

If your skylight is dated, your glass may not offer proper energy efficiency compared to modern designs. We can provide complete skylight replacement with state-of-the-art materials and products.

Experienced, Qualified Skylight Maintenance Specialists

We have been proudly operating in the GTA for over 25 years and are fully licensed and bonded for our services.

As an exclusive dealer and distributor of VELUX skylights, we are expertly familiar with all types and aspects of skylights and roof windows.

With our services, your skylight will offer years of enjoyable use and enhanced efficiency.

The Professionals in Skylight Repairs

If you suspect that you need skylight maintenance or repairs, consult the professionals at Strictly Skylights Inc.

We’ll arrive at your home or business promptly with all the equipment and hardware needed for diligent skylight repairs and maintenance.

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